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New Staff Joining

We are pleased to welcoming our new joining staff as a Technical Assistant Cum Instrument that will join us on mid of December. We would like to thanks for joining our team. Our company is growing and hopefully we¡¯re all going to grow together here, and we¡¯re thrilled to have you along for the ride. read more
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Upgrading Laboratory

We started to upgrade our laboratory to improve our service performance, capacity, and capability of our testing. read more
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Lab Testing Services

Soiltechnics laboratory is equipped with equipment to perform all types of geotechnical testing that is required in any site investigation project from basic to advanced test. BS 1377 : MS 1056 : ASTM : ISRM : APHA : BS EN ISO Description / Test 1.0 Classification Test 8.0 Direct Shear Test (Shearbox) 1.1 Moisture Content 8.1 Consolidated Drained Shear 1.2 Bulk Density 8.2 Multireversal Shear 1.3 Specific Gravity   1.4 Atterberg Limit-1 Point 9.0 Permeability 1.5 Linear Shrinkage 9.1 Constant Permeability Test in Triaxial cell 1.6 Coarse Grained Analysis-Sieving 9.2 Constant Permeability Test in Permeable cell 1.7 Fine Grained Analysis-Hydrometer 9.3 Falling Head Permeability     2.0 Chemical Test 10.0 Consolidation/Settlement 2.1 pH Value 10.1 One- Dimensional Consolidation Test 2.2 Sulphate Content 10.2 Collapse Potential 2.3 Organic Content 10.3 Swelling pressure measurement of swelling 2.4 Chloride Content 10.4 Shrink Swell Test 2.5 Sulphite content   2.6 Total Dissolved Solids 11.0 Compaction 2.7 Total Suspended Solids 11.1 Compaction Test 2.8 Salinity Test 11.2 Vibrating Hammer 2.9 Loss on Ignition 11.3 California Bearing Ratio Test(C.B.R.)     3.0 Unconfined Compression Test (UCT) 14.0 Rock 4.0 Triaxial-Unconsolidated Undrained (UU) 14.1 Compressive Strength of Rock 5.0 Triaxial-Consolidated Undrained (CIU) 14.2 Point Load Test 6.0 Triaxial-Consolidated Drained (CID) 14.3 Young¡¯s Modulus & Poisson¡¯s Ratio 7.0 Triaxial-Consolidated Drained (CID)     read more
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Reducing construction risk using fast, high quality soil and rock mechanics testing.
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